Meevaren met de Veerdienst is een belevenis voor jong en oud. Geniet van het varen, het uitzicht en de gezellige sfeer aan boord!

Great trip to Muiderslot castle on the Amsterdam Tourist Ferry. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Easy to get to the marina by taking tram 26 from Central Station. Highly recommend!

(Tripadvisor 2018)

Annette C

Great way to see Muiderslot castle!

If you chose to ride a bike out, It’s very nice ride out to the ferry departure site. You pass by some very nice parks and ride through the very modern IJbug.

The ferry ride itself is pleasant and enjoyable. 2.5 hours is the perfect amount of time to enjoy the castle.

It’s a very cool and well operated museum. There’s lots of interactive features for kids and kids at heart.

We had a nice coffee and beer on the ferry ride back. Beautiful day!

(Tripadvisor 2018)

Caitlin V.

Travelled from Ijburg (as it was closer to where we stayed) to Pampus. Very chilled trip out to island. Old fort nicely restored and lots of multimedia information. Delightful lunch on the terrace. Then bonus of boat trip to Muiden to pickup other passengers before returning to Ijburg. One of our best days in Amsterdam.

(Tripadvisor 2018)


Off the beaten path – and fantastic!

We booked a trip to Muiderslot based on the pictures and reviews online, and because we thought it would be cool to visit a castle. We picked Muiderslot over Pampus Island because of the castle.

Positives: The ferry was easy to get to (maybe a 7-minute walk from the tram), the crew was very professional, the castle and tours were fascinating, the falconry was very cool, and the grounds were beautiful.
Negatives: None, really. Muiderslot was farther from central Amsterdam than I expected. We booked an 11:00 ferry, and we weren’t back to Amsterdam Centraal until 16:15 or 16:30. But that’s more us being unfamiliar with the area.

The ferry is old – it dates to 1899 – and ride to Pampus and then Muiderslot was over an hour. It was a windy morning and the spray from the boat moving into the whitecaps soaked those of us on the top deck — but we all had fun and moved either below or to the stern where the spray didn’t reach.

Muiden Castle is spectacular – a 13th century castle that is remarkably well maintained. There are two self-guided routes through the castle that each highlights a different aspect of life through the centuries, and a guided tour that takes you through rooms you can’t otherwise get to. The grounds are lovely – although a highlight was the falconer and the birds of prey – I was not aware until this visit that there were owls that were not nocturnal, and that you could tell by the color of its eyes.

The ferry left us off around 12:30, and we were picked up again at 2:30. 2 hours is just about the right amount of time – we did all three routes (including the guided tour), had a snack, looked at the gardens, and spent some time with the birds of prey.

This was a fun, out-of-the-way excursion and if you have the time I highly recommend it. And because it’s out-of-the-way it also wasn’t ridiculously crowded.

(Tripadvisor 2018)

Adam F.

Punctual, clean & friendly!

(Tripadvisor 2018)

Eileen W

It’s an amazing place!

(Google 2018)

Jasmine Omer

Great to visit Pampus and Muiderslot. You have to book in advance. Nice boat, inside and oudside sitting area. Small bar on board. Very friendly staff.

Veronika (Google 2018)

A beautiful and calm way to get to Muiderslot or Pampus Island. The voyage was smooth and restful with little engine noise. I really liked the 2 men who ran the boat. They weren’t jaded cynical tourist milkers but clearly enjoyed their jobs and were proud of the boat. They were clear about safety. The boat from 1899 (that I was on. There is another boat from 1938) was clean and very well maintained and still had its original fittings and character and hadn’t been dolled up into a plastic Disneyland fantasy. There is basic coffee available but the ride is only 45 minutes so you’ll want to be on deck to see everything. We bought our tickets online ahead of time but you can also buy tickets on the boat if there is room.

Graham (Google 2017)

The ship only takes this route once a day–out at 11 AM and back from the castle at 2:30 PM. This provides plenty of time at the castle for the guided tour, a falconry demonstration, a stop in the tavern for lunch and some exploring of the castle on our own to see the armor collection. There are normal clean toilets on board and a snack bar, and the captain and deck hand were both completely fluent in English and also nice guys who explained a lot during the trip.

LWL (tripadvisor 2016)

It was a beautiful and relaxing ride to the castle. The crew was so nice, and inviting. Couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

This is a hidden gem, and if you’re looking to get to Muiderslot for a great day trip from Amsterdam, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Heather O (tripadvisor 2016)