Destinations on the historical Defence Line

Sail with Amsterdam Tourist Ferry to the former defence line around Amsterdam (part of UNESCO’s world heritage list), and visit Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot or Fortress Island Pampus. Both destinations offer the opportunity to endulge yourself in the unique Dutch history of castles and water defence works. Amsterdam Castle dates as far as 700 years back in history, while Pampus was operational during World War I. Both destinations offer free guided tours, and lots of activities for both adults and children.

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Bestemming Muiderslot: Vaar mee vanuit Amsterdam of Almere

Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot

Bestemming forteiland Pampus: Vaar mee vanuit Amsterdam of Almere

Fortress Island Pampus

Countryside experience: take your bicycle for free

Feeling like a full Dutch experience? Take your bicycle on board, and cycle around the countryside to the east of Amsterdam. Filled with castles and gardens, meandering rivers, pittoresque villages, and of course our good old cows grazing in the meadows.


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