Covid-19 information

For the safety of you and our personnel, we take the following measures when boarding and disembarking and on board:

  • You will find distance floor markers 1.5 meters on the jetty
  • You do not need to print a ticket, our employee keeps track of who comes on board.¬† Only one customer or family can occupy the check-in counter. Note that check-in takes place inside the jetty at the bar, when the weather is bad.
  • When you are checked in we ask you to go straight¬† to your seat at the assigned table, and limit yourself walking around.
  • Disinfection pumps are available at 2 places. When you touch surfaces or door handles, please disinfect your hands before and afterwards.
  • Use disinfectant and wash hands before and after using the toilet
  • Our employees will clean surfaces, door handles, push buttons and toilets extra.
  • No pitches at the bar or in passageways
  • Intermediate doors, windows and roller blinds may only be opened / operated by the crew
  • Glass, plates and cutlery are collected at a central location
  • Our employee will keep a close eye on hygiene (washing hands / gloves): glass and bottles can only be picked up by the guest after they have been put down. Trays will not be used
  • Payment on board only by debit card
  • Personnel instructions with regard to safety and hygiene must be followed.