Activities Pampus

Discover the Defence Line of Amsterdam: the National Defence Line visitors center is located at the island. During your visit you can learn everything about this ingenious defense plan. Since 1996 the whole system of 42 fortresses and other defence installations guarding Amsterdam is considered to be world heritage under Unesco rules.

The visitors center contains two interactive routes with presentations and games. Sign up for the interactive balloon flight over the early 20th century Defence Line and get dazzled by old and new images from the sky!

Guided tours -if available- are offered for free. Pampus works with volunteer guides; the tours are organized on the spot. You can sign up for a guided tour on arrival. Also there are multilingual tours with the use of an audio guide. The device can be picked up in the museum shop on arrival

Do you want to discover the fortress and the island yourself? Wander through the mysterious corridors and rooms with the Pampus roadmap.

Kids can do various educational games, as well as different puzzle tours through the fortress.

Have something to drink or eat at the restaurant, and enjoy the magnificent view over the IJmeer to the skyline of Amsterdam, the former entrance of the harbor of Amsterdam and former Southern Sea (Zuyderzee) coast of Holland.